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Climate Compatible Consumption

Consumption is one of the biggest emission drivers in Germany. The private consumption of consumer goods and services is responsible for the emission of aprox. 40 per cent of the green house gases produced in Germany. Climate compatible consumption means understanding a large number of complex value chains between companies and consumer embedded into a socio-political context. An environmentally sound and climate compatible design of product chains and use patterns requires the cooperation between companies and stakeholders and above all the target-oriented integration of the end user.


Climate compatible consumption is a shared responsibility of the economy, politics and the consumers. It is essential to conduct individual activities as well as joint measurements alongside a coordinated proceeding. To assure this better coordinated approaches in the promotion of climate compatible consumption are vital.


There is no silver bullet to implement the idea of climate compatible consumption. However every single stakeholder has the possibility to contribute by implementing reasonable and pragmatic measures and by building an effective communication network. The Platform Climate Compatible Consumption Germany (PKKD) encourages the collective sharing of ideas and provides encouragement and support for the reduction of green house gas emissions.