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Dialogue Forum, 6 September 2011

"Environmental Profit & Loss Account based on the quantification of environmental impacts in the value chain: What can we learn from PUMA?"


6 September 2011, 10:00-18:00 CET + Get-Together, Berlin




The recently announced PUMA Environmental Profit & Loss Account is receiving wide attention and recognition. It is time to take a closer look and better understand its potential for wider adoption.


Adam Brennan from PUMA together with the involved experts Tom Barnett from TruCost and William Evison from PWC presented on motivation, practical implementation and outlook with regard to the recently announced Environmental Profit & Loss Account at PUMA.


These insights were complemented by perspectives on the monetary valuation of environmental impacts from Jürgen Knirsch, Greenpeace and Stefan Hörmann from the Global Nature Fund as well as an update on the currently completed GHG Protocol Standard for Value Chain and Product Carbon Footprinting by Rasmus Priess. The dialogue forum provided an opportunity to jointly explore the approach taken by PUMA and prospects for its wider adoption.


Please find the complete programme as well as the presentations in german here.






  • Adam Brennan und Stefan Seidel (PUMA)
  • Tom Barnett (TruCost)
  • William Evison (PwC)
  • Jürgen Knirsch (Greenpeace)
  • Stefan Hörmann (Global Nature Fund)
  • Rasmus Priess (Platform Climate Compatible Consumption / THEMA1)



Background information




GHG Protocol Standards


Global Nature Fund